Yoga-Pilates 70/30

75-min hybrid class for all Yogis comprised of 70% Yoga and 30% Pilates-based core strengthening. Ann’s Yoga-Pilates class starts with a silent and thoughtful adjustment of the mind, followed by a flow of sequences that aim to strengthen and open the body. Sequencing incorporates modern Pilates mat work. Props are used to help you find a deeper connection to your core. Suitable for all levels. Come and experience the one and only Ann’s Yoga Pilates class.


Strengthen + Lengthen

Ann’s Mat pilates class is a dynamic one, starting with movements that aim to improve the circulation and muscle activation. The mat, benches and the wall are all used throughout class. Added equipment such as light weights, rollers, discs, balls, rings, and others will be used to enhance your mind-body connection. This class will stretch you, strengthening you and give you a sense of tallness as you walk out into the world. 80% Core Strengthening 20% Stretching. Suitable for all levels.


Core Adore

This class combines Pranayamas (breathing exercises,) Yoga and Pilates to revitalize and connect to the Diaphragm, Psoas, Abdominals and Pelvis. The practice offers a powerful physical and emotional energetic boost. This is an all levels practice, no previous Yoga or Pilates experience necessary.


Revive + Release

A slow, enlivening Forrest Yoga inspired practice followed by TRE® (tension, stress & trauma release exercises). The class balances building strength while also down-regulating the nervous system. It honors physical and emotional fragilities and challenges the body and soul to awaken and evolve. Suitable for all levels from the beginner to the seasoned practitioner.